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Huffington Post Healthy Living: The Good Inside

David Beem, a blogger at the Huffington Post, has written a wonderful article about one of Hospice of Wichta Fall's dedicated volunteers; Leah Roberts.

"I love seeing that light in somebody's eyes, that there is still good in the world and we can make a difference every day in what we do." -- Linda Windal, volunteer coordinator for Hospice of Wichita Falls.

In this case, those eyes belong to 24-year-old Leah Roberts (pictured left, with her twin sister) who, after sustaining stress fractures in the base of her spine, arm, wrist, and foot, went on to train for a half marathon she vowed never to do. That was before a better idea occurred to her: She'd raise pledge money, run the marathon, and then donate the proceeds to the Hospice of Wichita Falls... Continue reading this article at the Huffington Post.

September 7th 2012

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