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First Time Visitors

First Time Visitors

To lawyers

What do I do now? This is probably one of the first questions you hear from clients receiving life-limiting diagnoses from their doctors. They seek legal guidance to make appropriate choices for end-of-life care. They need you to help put their affairs in order.

As part of our ongoing educational program to expand understanding of hospice care in your community, we will be encouraging them to ask you these questions.

  • What legal documents do I need to complete before death?
  • What happens to my estate if I die without a will?
  • What's the difference between a general Power of Attorney and healthcare Power of Attorney?
  • Is an Advanced Directive from another state valid in Texas?
  • What happens if I no longer have the mental capacity to complete the Advanced Directives and my family cannot agree on treatment?
  • What happens if my physician refuses to follow the Advanced Directives document?
  • Can I change beneficiaries on any policies or retirement benefits?
  • Where should these important papers be kept?
  • Who will make funeral or cremation arrangements if there's no Appointment of Agent for Disposition of Remains document?
  • Who can make organ donation decisions if there's no Anatomical Gift or Organ Donation document?
  • Which local hospice providers do you recommend, and why?
  • Do I have to sign a Do Not Resusitate (DNR) to qualify for hospice care?

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First Time Visitors