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First Time Visitors

First Time Visitors

To hospitals, nursing homes, and care facility administrators

What do I do now? Often, this is one of the first questions that others in your community may ask you after receiving life-limiting diagnoses. Patients and their families seek information to help make appropriate choices for care.

As part of our ongoing educational program to expand understanding of hospice care in your community, we will be encouraging them to ask you the following questions about hospice care.

  • Do you provide hospice care in your facility?
  • When is hospice care appropriate?
  • What extra services does hospice provide?
  • How do you coordinate care between your staff and the hospice staff?
  • What is your response time to a change in condition?
  • Can we keep the doctor we have now?
  • How do we pay for hospice care at your facility?
  • Do we have a choice of which local hospice we wish to use?
  • Which local hospices do you recommend, and why?

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First Time Visitors